Private Tutoring

Services and Prices

In-person Tutoring 

     The Common Core curriculum is the foundation of each subject and session. However, we recognize that each person learns differently and at different paces. Therefore, we use various methods to explain challenging concepts in reading, writing, and math. These methods could include review, rote, videos, worksheets, educational board games, presentations, and more. Sessions must be reserved. Sessions are 50 minutes long. Fee per person: $5 for small group (4:1), $10 for semi-private (2:1), and $20 for private (1:1) because academic help should be accessible to all.


On-line Homework Help

Coming January 2023.

Confused about a homework assignment or need someone to help you study for a quiz or need to practice reading aloud to someone? Make a 35-minute Zoom appointment with a tutor.  Cost: $25.


GED Classes and Testing

Coming this Summer 2023

Let us help you reach your educational goals. It is never too late to earn your credentials.



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Donations always appreciated. Supports tutoring services.