Private Tutoring

Services and Prices

Small Group Tutoring (3:1) and Homework Help

     The Common Core curriculum is the foundation of each subject and session. However, we recognize that each person learns differently and at different paces. Therefore, we use various methods to explain challenging concepts in reading, writing, arithmetic, and English as a Second Language. These methods could include review, rote, videos, worksheets, educational board games, presentations, and more. Sessions must be reserved. Sessions are 50 minutes long. Fee: $5 per person per session because academic help should be accessible to all.

College-Knowledge Seminars

     CKS focus on an aspect of college that students should know before they go. Examples of seminars include calculating grade point average, paying for college, withdrawing from a class, working while in college, and finding the right college fit. Available for group presentations. Call for pricing.

Life-skills Workshops

     Life-skills workshops demonstrate how to do things when you leave for college such as handling your money, simple car maintenance, health insurance, washing your clothes, and filling out a job application. Available for group presentations. Call for pricing.

Classroom Escape Experience

     How smart are you? Find out in our Classroom Escape Exercise. You have 30 minutes to find the clues and answer the academic questions. First team or person out of the classroom wins brainy bragging rights. Let us exercise your mind. $5.00 per person.

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