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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to take a placement test?

Assessments are available if requested. A student's learning style and learning preferences are also considered. 

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No. The goal of tutoring is to meet students where they are and to get them to a point where they are independent learners.

Do I have to purchase tutoring materials?

No. The Common Core curriculum is the foundation of each subject and session. ATLRC tutors recognize that each person learns differently and at a different pace. Therefore, tutors use various methods to engage and to explain challenging concepts to students. 

How do I schedule a session?

Sessions must be reserved and pre-paid through our webpage. For more information contact us at angie@atlrc or 734-544-5186.

How are you handling COVID-19?

Vistors have access to masks and hand sanitizer. As with school, if your student is sick, please stay home and reschedule your session.

How much are sessions?

Fees for the various sessions are listed under the Services and Fees tab. Payment methods include credit card, CashApp and Square.

Who are your tutors?

Tutors range from high school students to college students to teachers to parents. They are required to participate in training through Dr. Angie's Tutoring or the National Tutoring Association. ATLRC is also a member of the National Tutoring Association.

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