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     Dr. Angie's Tutoring & Learning Resources Center combines homework help and customized tutoring with fun because we want students to feel comfortable learning in their own way and at their own pace. At Dr. Angie's Tutoring & Learning Resources Center, we don't have an agenda, we have a purpose - to provide low-cost tutoring to those who want it or need it. For a $5 fee (small group session) and a $20 fee (private), students get the help they deserve without the enormous price tag. Dr. Angie believes academic support should be accessible to everyone. Accepting students for small group sessions (3:1) or private sessions (1:1). Call 734-547-5558.  



Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 6 p.m.-8 p.m.

Tuesday and Thursday, 4 p.m.- 8 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday, 11 a.m.-4 p.m. by Appointment

Call 734-547-5558.


            I hold a doctorate in higher education from Bowling Green State University (OH); a master’s in English: professional writing from Wright State University (OH); a bachelor’s in communication and English from the College of Mount Saint Joseph (OH); and a certificate of deaf studies from Sinclair Community College (OH). I earned a PK-12 Administrators Certificate from the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals in 2021. It is recognized and awarded through the Michigan Department of Education.

      I have taught developmental English, journalism, technical writing, composition, research writing, communications, and English as a Second Language for more than 20 years in higher education and served as a college administrator at two– and four-year colleges. I have also tutored reading with various literacy organizations such as Literacy Volunteers of America and America Reads.       

Dr. Angie

     My favorite flower is the sunflower, so I made it ATLRC's logo. Like people need knowledge and each other to thrive and to reach their full potential, the sunflower needs the sun and other sunflowers. When it’s cloudy and gray, sunflowers face each other and share their energy. Other unique aspects of the sunflower: 1) Faces the sun at all times; 2) Evokes feeling of positivity; 3) Taller than any other garden blooms; 4) Natural decontaminator; and 5) Used for medicine, dye, food and oil.

The Team

The dictionary defines a tutor as a person who gives individual, or in some cases a small group, instruction. Dr. Angie's volunteer tutors help students help themselves and assist or guide them to the point to which they like learning and seek to become lifelong learners.



Social Media/Front Desk

Knox College

Major: Business Management- Human Resources



Tutor/Front Desk

University of Michigan

Major: Graphic Arts